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What happens when you combine
an extremely popular activity with
10 of your academic standards?

Review Curriculum in a fun, unique
and effective way that students love, and watch Test Scores rise!

Plus, our Escape Room Kits help develop:

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Why Our Escape Rooms Work

Raising Hands

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking: the ability to access and analyze key information to develop solutions to complex problems.  Escape Rooms are proving to be very valuable teaching tools.  Your students will be challenged with solving 10 curriculum-based clues in one hour by using critical thinking and literal thinking.  Students will use gameful attitudes while learning to be more creative and determined.

Sharing Student

Hands On Learning

Hands-on learning has proven to be a very successful teaching method. Escape rooms help develop skills such as collaboration, delegation, communication, optimism, time management, confidence and even courage.  Two core competencies are used: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Cooperative Learning.

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"Everything a teacher needs to

facilitate an escape room experience

without leaving the classroom!"

Heather McCullin

"My kids had a lot of fun and the questions presented were right on target for what they have been learning in the classroom. It was cool to see their eyes light up when they figured something out or knew the content of the question asked. We had a lot of fun!"

4/5th Grade Teacher, Innovation Academy

Discounts for buying multiples of 6 kits! 5, 10, 15% Savings!

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