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"My kids had a lot of fun and the questions presented were right on target for what they have been learning in the classroom.  It was cool to see their eyes light up when they figured something out or knew the content of the question asked.  We had a lot of fun!"

Heather McCullin

4/5th Grade Teacher, Innovation Academy

"Escape Rooms 4 Schools provided a memorable experience for our students and parents through an Escape Room GT family night.  Chris worked closely with me to design escape rooms that met the needs and purpose of the event and went above and beyond to execute 12 escape rooms simultaneously. He and his team came early to set up and were so helpful to our staff as we prepared each room.  The parents and students were blown away by the challenge and still comment on how much they enjoyed completing an escape room with their family and friends."

Cyndi Nyvall

Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction Specialist. TEKS Resource System,

Region 7 Education Service Center

“The escape room was an engaging and challenging way to review the concepts we have covered throughout the year.  By allowing the students to use their content knowledge in a different and unique way, it allowed the students to apply their knowledge and made it more concrete.”

Emily Wood

7/8th Grade Science Teacher, Innovation Academy

“We loved getting to host this grant through Escape Rooms 4 Schools to cumulatively review our content for the year.  Students had a great time!”

Jeremy Williams

5th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Tannahill Intermediate

"It had great instructions and clear Teacher set up.  It was well planned and thorough.  I would have enjoyed working through it as an adult.  My students had not done a breakout room like this before.  This was much more authentic and mirrored one I went to with friends."

Jill Newsome

4/5th ELA Teacher, Innovation Academy

“This is really great stuff!!  It’s so easy for teachers to set up and use, without requiring vast planning.  Because they can easily ID outcomes, it is simple for them to set out a quick, effective plan and have some great fun working through the questions.  I think kids will love it and I bet teachers will be able to use this activity in many ways: studying, reviewing, reinforcing; a fun activity that offers a change or break from typical daily lessons (you know, like near the end of a unit when you’ve really had them working solidly for days and you think they need a bit of a break?).  I also think the idea could be utilized in a class like my Learning Strategies, to reinforce study skills, learning strengths, etc.  You could reinforce team work, recognizing strengths or even learning styles, and how each student brings different strengths/ skills to the activity and can contribute to the solution.”

Lori Nelson


Edmonton, Alberta

“Escape Rooms 4 Schools was a wonderful opportunity to help review with our students in a fun way.  Chris was easy to work with, and he created amazing clues based on the content we cover.  Our students enjoyed the challenge of solving clues that incorporated material they had learned in multiple subjects to escape and move from room to room.  My team is looking forward to working with Chris in the future to provide our students with a unique method to review.”

Seth McCool

7/8th Grade Math Teacher, Innovation Academy

"To make sure that we pass our ELAR tests and achieve something great in life, our teacher used escape room strategies, especially the STEAL strategy for characters.  I've been using it since 7th grade and I'm now a junior.  Honestly, without that, I don't think I would've made it as far as I have today.  I really do appreciate that!"

Anonymous High School Student

Athens ISD, Athens, TX

"Escape Rooms 4 Schools was SUCH a fantastic experience for my 3rd grade math students!  The kids were so excited to have such an interesting way to use their math skills and review for their state tests.  The content included truly encapsulated the most important topics our students learn in third grade and allowed them to not only review the material, but problem solve in new, challenging ways!  There is no greater feeling as a teacher than seeing your students work together to solve problems and this gave them a fun, new way to use their math knowledge.  I can’t wait to use this again with my future classes!"


Lexi Boone
3rd grade Math Teacher

Riverdale School K-8 School

Germantown Municipal School District, TN

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