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Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the Basic and Premium kits?
    Our Premium kits include (10) lockable clue boxes and (10) pre-set combination locks!
  • Do you accept Purchase Orders?
    Absolutely! Just email your PO to and we will start working on your order that day.
  • What sources do you use to make sure the kits incorporate relevant Standards?
    Several sources are used to help us research which Standards are covered, not the least of which are recent end-of-year tests. We also use Lead4ward, Common Core, Texas Gateway, CPALMS and other state standard guidelines.
  • How do we obtain a W9 Form or Sole Source letter?
    You can get our Sole Source letter by clicking here. For a W9 Form, email us at
  • How long does it take to get the kits once they are ordered?
    One to two weeks depending on the size or the type (Basic or Premium) of your order.
  • How long does it take to set up our classroom once we get the kit?
    You should allow 30-40 minutes. Set up instructions are included within the Instruction Manual in each kit.
  • How long does a typical “escape” take?
    In the Rules section of the Instruction Manual, students have an hour to “escape.” But you are free to give them as much time as you think. It is really up to you!

Heather McCullin

"My kids had a lot of fun and the questions presented were right on target for what they have been learning in the classroom. It was cool to see their eyes light up when they figured something out or knew the content of the question asked. We had a lot of fun!"

4/5th Grade Teacher, Innovation Academy

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